Нестандартний урок в 8 класі на тему: "Music and Songs in Our Life

Нестандартний урок в 8 класі на тему: "Music and Songs in Our Life

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Нестандартний урок в 8 класі на тему:

"Music and Songs in Our Life"

Topic: Music and Songs in Our Life


Practical: (skills-forming): to teach students listening comprehension, speaking on the topic, answering questions on the content of the song and the text, writing poems (creative work), writing “Star Report”.

Educational: to enrich students’ topical conversational vocabulary; encourage students to learn English-speaking culture.

Developing: to improve students’ listening, reading, speaking skills; to enhance their cognitive abilities and memory; pairs and group co-operation.

Moral values: to cultivate the aesthetic taste, awareness and respect to the world culture.

Equipment: a blackboard, handouts, “Personality Quiz” sample, sample cards “Star Report”, singer’s photo.



(The theme of the lesson is on the board.)

T: Good morning! We are going to talk about music, its impact on you, your preferences in music.


T: Let us see if you are keen on music. Take an interview using these questions and find your partner with the same musical tastes. (Class Survey)

(Teacher gives handouts with questions to students.)


1. Which instruments do you play?…
2. Is music important to you?
3. How often do you sit down and listen to music?
4. How many concerts did you go to last year?
5. How many CDs and / or cassettes have you got?
6. Where and when do you listen to music?


T: So, you like music, don’t you? Let us see what associations we have with the word music.
(Teacher writes a music network on the board asking students about their associations. Teacher explains the pronunciation, spelling, definitions of the words in italics: the names of musical instruments, genres and styles of music etc.)


T: Let’s have a talk about music.

1. What kind of music do you like (dislike)?
2. Who or what do you think influence(d) your music tastes?
3. Did you learn music at school? Can you play any musical instrument? If yes, which one? Do you enjoy doing it? If not, what instrument would you like to learn to play?
4. Do you have favourite musical instruments? Which ones?
5. Imagine that you’ve just come home tired from a day at school. What music would you like to listen to, if any, and why?
6. Can you say that you choose music according to your mood and the job that you are doing? If yes, what kind of music do you most like to listen to when you are:
a) with your friends? c) dancing? e) doing your homework?
b) relaxing alone? d) in a bad mood? f) working about the house?
7.If you could take only three albums with you to a desert island, which three would you take?
8. What is your favourite singer (musician, composer)?
9.What is your favourite group?
10.Do you read pop music magazines? Which one?
11.Do you like to sing karaoke? Why?
12.Do you take dance lessons? What kind?
13.What is your favourite rock star? If you met him/her, what would you say or do?


Pre-listening activity

T: We shall listen to the famous pop song “Desert Rose” by Sting. Have you heard this song before? What is the main idea of the song?

(Students prepared some information beforehand).

Gordon summer was born on 2 October 1951, Newcastle, England. He started his music career as a bass player and lead singer in “the Police”. Sting’s solo career began in 1982. his popularity and fame grew rapidly and steadily. Since 1994 Sting has been considered to be one of the finest quality songwriters to appear out of the second UK “new wave” boom (post-1977).

Sting spent а traumatic time during the summer of 1995 when he had to testify in count after accusing his accountant of stealing vast sums of his income. The outcome was in the singer's favour and the accountant was jailed for six years. The title track of his new album, Brand New Day, proved he was still capable of achieving hit singles. This album has enjoyed a long residency on the charts.

Vocabulary: Match the words from the song (on the left) to the word combinations that have the similar meaning (on the right):

1. to tire A. Paradise
2. to be tied B. to get tired
3. to torture C. to come to one's mind repeatedly
4. to haunt D. to look steadily
5. to gaze E. to make somebody suffer
6. intoxication F. to be connected with something or somebody
7. flames G. the glowing part of the fire
8. veil H. a state of being drunk or poisoned
9. rate I. the reasonable arrangement of elements
10. logic J. a cloth worn by oriental women to hide their faces
11. Eden K. not common, unusual

Lead-in: Think of the DESERT. What associations do you have with this word?

Imagine that you have been walking in a desert for a very long period of time. What would you dream about? Share your ideas with the group.

Grammar: You will read a narrative of what one man dreamt of when he was walking through a desert. Change it from the Past narrative into the Present and you'll get the song of Sting. (Note that the Narrative is written on behalf of the 3rd person singular, while the real song is on the behalf of the 1st person singular. Pay attention to the pronoun and adverb concord). In some lines you will make NO changes at all.


Past narrative Present speech

Verse 1:

He dreamt of rain, ________________________________________

He dreamt of gardens ________________________________________

in the desert sand. ________________________________________

He woke in pain, ________________________________________

He dreamt of love ________________________________________

as time ran through his hand. ________________________________________

Verse 2:

He dreamt of fire ______________________________________

Those dreams were tied _____________________________________

to a horse that would never tire. _______________________________________

And in the flames _______________________________________

her shadows played ________________________________________

in the shape of a man's desire. ________________________________________

Verse 3:

That desert rose, ________________________________________

each of her veil _______________________________________

was a secret promise. ________________________________________

That desert flower, ________________________________________

no sweet perfume had ever ________________________________________

tortured him more than that. ________________________________________

Verse 4:

And as she turned _______________________________________

that way she moved _______________________________________

in the logic of all his dreams. ________________________________________

That fire burnt, ________________________________________

he realized that nothing was ________________________________________

as it seemed. ________________________________________

Verse 5:

He dreamt of rain, ________________________________________

he lifted his gaze _______________________________________

to empty skies above. ________________________________________

He closed his eyes, ________________________________________

that rare perfume ________________________________________

was the sweet intoxication of her love ___________________________________

Verse 6:

Sweet desert rose, ____________________________________

that memory of Eden ____________________________________

haunted them all. ____________________________________

That desert flower, _____________________________________

that rare perfume _____________________________________

was the sweet intoxication of the fall.____________________________________


Task 1: Choose the best variant for the topic of the song:
a) environment protection
b) gardening
c) traveling
d) love
e) nature
f) fire and rain

Task 2: What might the song be written for? What feelings does it express?

Task 3: The song is very symbolic. What could the images of the song mean?

-Desert - ?
-Rose - ?
-Rain - ?
-Fire - ?

Task 4: Explain the title of the song.

Task 5: If we could divide all people into two types (a Fire and a Rain type) according to their temperament or character, what qualities would describe each type?


________________________ ___________________________

________________________ ____________________________

________________________ ___________________________

________________________ __________________________

(bright, active, optimistic, (calm, thoughtful, creative, cold, pessimistic, eccentric, energetic, enthusiastic, passive, melancholic, etc.) warm, changeable, etc.)

What type of character (Fire or Rain) would you choose for yourself? (Do you have more of fire or of rain?) Explain your choice.

VI. Reading

1)Pre-reading Activity Problem Solving (before reading ex.26,p.69)

T: What do you think?

Brian Jones, a guitarist with the Rolling Stones, drowned in his swimming pool in July 1969.

Janis Joplin died from a drug overdose on October 1970.

John Lennon was shot in New York in December 1980.

Is the price of Rock`n roll too high?

Can the popularity destroy the personal life of a singer? Why?

2) While-Reading Activities.

T: Read the text and say if the sentences are true or false.

John Lennon was murdered on December*, 1980 in New York.

He was short three times.

Lennon was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.

The killer was 25 year-old Mark Chapman from New York.

Chapman believed that he was John Lennon.

3) Post-Reading Activities.

T: Answer the questions of ex.26, p. 69.



T: In our today's lesson we have revised and learnt the words and word combinations on the topic “Music in our Life”, discussed various preferences, got some new information about pop singer Sting. And I believe that all of you enjoyed listening to and singing the song “Desert Rose”. I suppose you've realized that music plays a great role in our life and makes it more colorful and efficient.


T: Your homework is to write the: “Star Reports” and make up the presentations of your own. They can include playing music, songs, talking about the star or acting out a mock interview.

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