Famouse painters of Olexandrivka

Famouse painters of Olexandrivka

17.06.2021 в 08:08 Железковська О.Ю. 644 0 Helen

Lesson with using the regional component

Topic: Famous Painters of Our District

Type of the Lesson: combined.

Form 10


Practical: to present and practise expressions, to practise intensive reading, to describe different genree and techniqes; to practise listening for specific information;

Educational: to enlarge students’ knowledge about local painters;

Developing: to develop students’ cognitive and creative skills; to bring up students to love art.

Equipment: a textbook form 10-th Kalinina L.V., Samoiliukevych I.V., interactive board, handouts, a computer presentation, projector, video, music, pictures of Victor Velychko, Tamara Gordova, Fedir Lagno, Victor Kirman, Nikolai Shmarko.

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